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August 3, 2017


I used to have a lot of ‘notes to self’ secured to my large easel.  Now they are on my ‘wall of inspiration’.  When I moved I transferred all of my notes to a small journal book which oddly enough I have not opened in the last two years.  The wall that I have growing now I glance at periodically to remind myself of my purpose but I take most seriously these two bits of advice.  Both bits I have picked up somewhere along the way and do not remember the sources so forgive me for not quoting them.  These are not my own sources of inspiration but ones that very much speak to the creative soul of my painter self.

The boldly written piece of advice I see every day.  I don’t always comply but it is in my psyche at any rate.  SAY SOMETHING MEANINGFUL  I don’t know about the rest of you creative types but this bit of advice often gets lost in the struggle to say something at all!! I have been away from painting for a bit and am struggling to find my groove.  I have begun several pieces and then, from the corner of my eye I see the little green words and simply stop.  Then I turn my attention to the sheet of paper, also marked by green…wondering if this is significant? 🙂  This paper is a short list of questions to ask oneself…..regardless of what one is up to.

How do you feel about what you see?   Free the truth of it!!!

Ask:  What is the truth of it?  Underneath this question I have written:  through colour, through value, through line, through spiritual colours (a la Frederick Varley)

Next:  Distinguish not between thought and emotion.

Freedom = inspiration…..can’t be controlled.

I am finding that in trying to free the truth of a painting subject I am less inclined to like my work.  However, I do know that searching for it is better than not and that one day I will be happy with the effort.

The long branch of black bamboo at the top of the easel is to remind me of simplicity and humility…..just in case anyone was wondering why it is there.  It also brings me luck 🙂

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