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A Note To Self

July 23, 2017


Sometimes you read a small, rather innocuous quote and you are unable to remember where or when, that fundamentally changes the way you view existence.  Or to perhaps clarify, the way you react to your very existence.  A couple of months back I happened upon a Zen quote that is beginning to change my views on many things and the way in which I react to them.  “Let go or be dragged”

In our world of events, catastrophic and divine, it is all too easy to be sidetracked by the emotions experienced from the mere living of these events.  Shit happens…..daily and the way we ‘handle’ the shit is dependent on how rigidly we cling to what we think should be happening in our here and now.  As most of us know letting go of an attachment to a certain outcome often becomes our most limiting challenge….let go or be dragged…..

I have been reflecting on why I am enjoying the painting of flowers in virtual free fall of late, only to realise the subliminal need for me to be living this Zen proverb….let go or be dragged….

The challenge is of course to recognize one’s clinging nature and jump to the ‘let go or be dragged’ before the roots of the matter take hold.  In our obsessive need to get things right, have ourselves heard, not be left behind, we have left behind the ancients way of mere being and the practise of letting go.

Note to self:  Let go or be dragged….



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  1. September 11, 2017 4:40 pm

    This is pretty good

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