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Do We Paint What We Know?

October 5, 2016

Or love?

This is my contemplation for today…..  Well walking down to the brewery this morning (I am the bottling sanitizer 🙂 I walked past an apartment building that simply reeks.  I got to thinking how every time I walk by it the smell is there and that it seems to be getting worse each time I pass.  As my brain works, I was imagining that someone has died in the building with the death, as yet, unnoticed.  I was wondering how one might turn this into a mystery novel when my brain then jumped to how much I really don’t like the smells and noise of the city.  Thinking about how the city really stinks, with the traffic and industrial noise bordering on deafening, I began to contemplate how one might go about  ‘getting out of Dodge’.  I considered a poem sculpted by the downfalls of living in the city….

There are those that love all of the things about a city that I dislike.  Wondering about this primordial variety got me to thinking of why artists paint what they do time and time again.  Is it an unwavering attraction to what they know?  Or, as I suspect, what they desire?

So this led me to thinking about what I love to paint.  Nature.  Pure and simple.  I paint landscapes; mostly those from quiet places filled with light and scents and magical moments.  I paint people; almost always showing the softer side of the human condition – the old and wise, musicians, children.  I paint crows.   I paint florals; reminding me of gardens past, energies remembered, smells and sounds.  Very, very rarely do I paint cityscapes; vehicles, construction, buildings, noise, stench ….

The way my mind loops I was back to contemplating how one might get out of Dodge…. almost at the brewery….

A bird chirped.

Blowin' In The Wind

Blowin’ In The Wind

Mist On The Trail Head

Mist On The Trail Head

The Eyes Say It All

The Eyes Say It All

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