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Today’s Reflection

July 27, 2016

A month without painting is a very long time.  When you step into your studio you are met with the disarray that you have forgotten you left.  Also at the door to greet is a very cold easel and a band of disgruntled brushes.  You find yourself responding to the greet by telling the lot of them that life can get in the way of your passion but that the break can ‘do you good’.  At the time it seems less likely that a break is what you want or need but on and off detours allow for reflection.

My break this time was semi planned.  I had designs on, at the very least, gathering material for future works.  Thing is, the detour turned out to be exhausting and brought with it a few ‘side trips’ which took longer to manoeuvre than I was planning.  Such is life.  The upside to it all is that I was afforded a lot of ‘thinking’ time.  Planning, considering, collecting, evaluating, knowing, breathing….all part of the agenda.  One of the ‘side trips’ happened to be shocking when a lovely deer hit us on the highway.  The resulting back issues and cold added to the thinking time 🙂  Needless to say I felt ready today to spend a short while in my studio….under the influence of tylenol.

To appease the easel and brushes and myself I decided to keep it simple and fairly stress free.  Paint what you know my little voice said.  So I did….

Today's Reflection

Today’s Reflection. Oil – 6″x6″

Kept it simple but still had fun 🙂  This little painting is in auction on  if you wish to check it out further.

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