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Crows Rock

January 23, 2016

I see crows and their daily routines and life as metaphors for the human condition.  It is scary how easy it is to relate to their daily routines and actions and the mind runs wild busily relating words and phrases that we, as humans, use every day to describe this life we live.  I cannot resist painting these well known passages and phrasing them within the context of a crow’s life.  Here are a few of my most recent posts on Daily Paintworks.  They seem to be quite the hit so I must not be alone in my love for these fine and intelligent birds.

No Longer A Ball1

Title:  No Longer a Ball

Stealing Time

Stealing Time

Seeking Clearance

Seeking Clearance

See how easy it is!  The last two I painted with a palette knife.  Although it uses gobs and gobs of paint it allows for fluidity and the whimsical which any fine crow deserves 🙂

You can bid on these little paintings at if having them as part of your crow collection is up your alley.

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