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Simply Soooo Much Fun!

January 8, 2016

I decided to challenge my Instagram followers today.  The challenge was to look carefully at a panel that I had covered with acrylic paint and see what they could see ‘within’ the paint.  This is the process I often use to ‘find’ my subject matter before I lay brush to canvas.


Now look carefully 🙂

The next photo shows what I found:


The background is painted in acrylic but I decided to paint the crow and ball of wool in oil.  This is what developed.  The title of the little painting is Controlling the Situation and it will be posted on the auction site if anyone is interested in checking that site out.


I love two things about this process.  I love finding the subject within what first appears to be a whole load of chaos and second, in this case at least, I love to paint crows and title the paintings with titles that reflect the human condition.

Simply Soooo Much Fun!

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  1. Sunny Livesay permalink
    January 8, 2016 10:31 pm


    Sunny “Thoughts become things…choose the good ones.” – Mike Dooley


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