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The Business Of An Art…It’s Everywhere

May 26, 2015

Two of my sons have very recently opened a micro brewery in Vancouver.  If you want to check them out look for Doan’s Craft Brewing Company at 1830 Powell.  Do this if you are especially interested in ART.  This event and the years leading up to this event, have assisted me in redefining what ART means to me.  Brewing for instance is most definitely a form of ART.  It requires the precept of passion, followed by research, doing/making, experience and sweat.  Being a brewer is indeed, being an artist.  Further, the business of brewing is not unlike the business of art.  Both experience the worries of appreciation, staying relevant, having the stamina and ability to keep moving forward, all the while having these concerns floating in the mind allowing the artist to question themselves and what they create.  Through watching the processes involved in the business of brewing I have come to realise the relevance in the adit “build the field and they will come”.  Moving to a new area has had me worrying about rebuilding my artistic presence in a new community but I am beginning to see that passion might just trump all.

A quote came into my head this morning when I was thinking about concerns artists have about their success.  I do not know if I have read this before or if it is one that I have just made up but at any rate, it reads like this.

“Denying the possibility of failure, gives opportunity to the probability of success”.  Wherever it came from, I like it and am going to use it 🙂  Hope the boys use it and anyone else out there that thinks it appropriate.

For those who are interested, here is the abridged definition of ART, it just might surprise you!

use, usage, manner, mode; connected, joint, limb.  Join, put together, fitting, adjusting.  Human skill and industry as applied to adapting and modifying natural objects to man’s requirements;   human intervention for this purposes, as opposed to the action of natural forces.  Human effort, skill, practise, applied to non-material things; certain branches of human thought and learning considered as instruments of intellectual development, such as grammar logic and mathematics.  Set of principles, rules, precepts, gained by experience which teach a systematic method for carrying out operations requiring skill and training, such as the exercise of the craft or performance of a series of complex activities i.e. magic.  Application of skill, dexterity, knowledge, taste, to the aesthetic expression of feeling and emotion or production of beauty, through the medium of colour, form, words, musical sound.  Cunning artifice, skilful contrivance to persuade or deceive.

WOW….I think they are talking about life….perhaps we are all of the ART.

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  1. sandydelehantyartist permalink
    May 28, 2015 9:05 pm

    Love your quote, wherever it came from. I know your new city will love you and your art. Sandy

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