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So It Feels Like Camping

April 2, 2015

You know  you are camping when everything brought along for the ride is in either a box, a bag or an unmarked container.

My little home that is most definitely away from home, comes in two parts.  One part of the apartment is a rather cozy kitchen/living arrangement kept most definitely warm by a little gas fireplace.  This little space houses a full 1/2 of my afore mentioned boxes, bags and unmarked containers.  As with camping, the mystery of where to find those almonds that you know you packed or that bottle of Sirah that you could really use RIGHT NOW, resides.

The little kitchen houses not only the obvious but my oil painting supplies as well.  I am worried about putting my paints and medium anywhere else in the apartment for fear that the white carpets will get damaged.  White carpet for a painter, a long haired cat and a lover of red wine you ask?  Yep, you’ve got it.

The second part of the apartment is where Baby and I sleep.  It is on the other side of the basement separated from the main living area by a common space and the laundry room/water heater.  There is no cozy gas fireplace on that side of the house.

You know  you are camping when the nights are frigid.

Camping out in Manning Park in October is amazing, as long as you are prepared for the frigid nights.  Nights where to leave your head outside of the sleeping bag is a mistake.  Our little bedroom reminds me of those nights in MP 🙂  One good thing about the freezing bedroom is that it has drawn Baby out from under our bed.  I think she has decided that her fear of death by the German Shepherd dog that lives above her is not nearly as likely as freezing to death.  So up she hopped last night to cuddle with me….how lovely that was.

This room too is filled with tubs and boxes of painting supplies (including my acrylic paints which can absolutely not be allowed to freeze, ha), clothes, toiletries, the cat box, Baby’s food and water and yes…..white carpets.

You know you are camping when there is a need to negotiate with yourself over the nightly visit to the washroom in those wee hours.

So, the little washroom just happens to be in the unheated side of the my living space.  Need I say more?  🙂

Oh, don’t you just love to camp!!

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