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Labor omnia vincit

April 1, 2015

Done and done!!!

I have spent the entire day today in my little, furnished basement suite, entirely in recovery mode.  My mind reviewing the past few months and my aching muscles reminding me of the journey I have been on.  A quote that was taped to my large easel came wandering through my thoughts…Omnia Labor….everything by work.  I decided to google the little quote and found that the more popular slogan comes from the labour movement in the USA and reads Labor Omnia Vincit….work conquers all.  I like this one even better.  It speaks to all of us who have a job to do and decide to just bloody well do it and move on.  Love it or not.

I had cleaned all day yesterday and left the house in better shape than it had ever been.  It looked wonderful.  The sun was shining in all of the front windows and my studio looked incredibly inviting.  It was the last room that I was in.  I said a little thank you to it and then walked to the door and shut it tight….without a key.  There were six of my paintings hanging on the walls when I left….. six of my favourites.  They stood out dramatically in the empty rooms.  The purchasers of the house, purchased six of my large pieces.  How nice that was of them….and very generous.  No negotiating of price employed.  I think I might have mentioned this before but when my agent handed over the keys today, the purchase of more paintings was mentioned again.  Gives me something to set my thoughts towards.  Something exciting.

Hope I will sleep well tonight and that my 17+ year old cat Baby will come out from under our bed.  She is not taking the move well.  I told her last night that it was time we ‘man up’….no fear and no moping allowed.  It ain’t over yet.  We need to find a studio space in which we can paint large paintings 🙂

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  1. Sunny Livesay permalink
    April 1, 2015 7:27 pm

    Well, just read this. Am dying to know where you ended up finding a basement suite. Are you in town as you had decided? I hope baby is recovering and is out from under the bed.

    I just got hack to the ranch at 3:00 this morning and will be pretty busy for a while. I want to start packing now..even though we do not have a buyer. I am in the overwhelmed stage at the moment. Do not know where to start. But it does not matter where I start…I just need to start ! I just finished unpacking my suitcase so now to begin.

    Please drop me a note when you get a moment. Big hugs,

    Sunny “Thoughts become things…choose the good ones.” – Mike Dooley


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