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Hey, Wait A Minute…

February 28, 2015

The realization that there is no turning back has just now begun to truly sink in.  I have had this feeling three other times in my life and the selling of a house and preparation for a move is eerily similar.  The women that read my blog will totally get this,  the men….well, you will just have to take my word for it.

Selling a house and downsizing reminds me a lot of being pregnant and giving birth.  First, you are very excited to find out that you have a person to purchase your home.  The inner euphoria is actually quite similar to finding out you are pregnant.  There is the realization that change is afoot and there is a part of you that is looking forward to that change.  Then the preparation sets in and as one gets closer to the magical date for this revolutional change, when the irreversible nature of this change looms on the horizon, a low level panic begins to permeate the mind. Labour begins.  At first the labour is methodical and rather unpredictable.  A part of you is happy that the day of completion is nearing but you are exhausted, not sleeping well at night and full of anxiety trying to remember and actually accomplish, everything on your ‘to do’ list before the event filled moment arrives.

As birthing mothers well know, there are three, rather distinct stages to labour.  The first stage is as I described above but the second can bring with it a lot more emotional baggage and down right irrational behaviour at times.  I am well into this second stage :).  I have had a few friends go through this process of late and know only too well what their last stages of labour brought to their doorstep.  Although I know I can do this, I am exhausted, sore, grouchy and I haven’t painted in weeks.  I have a couple of friends that take me to forests every now and then just to heal my mind.  I am truly grateful to them for their compassion.

I remember, during the last stage of childbirth, once saying to my husband “I can’t do this any more!”  He calmly replied “There is no turning back”….

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