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Living The Consequence

February 7, 2015

Consequence:  Event which follows upon something else which is, or appears to be, the cause; a logical result or conclusion.

Ask yourself “When is enough, too much?”  When you are trying to fit the contents of a 4,000 sq ft house, with basement, into a 10’x20′ storage unit.

I am surrounded by family members that are collectors…you name it, they will collect it.  My husband and I always prided ourselves for not fitting into that mould.  I have come to realize over these past weeks that a collection need not be defined as a string of Barbie dolls or books by a certain author….oh no.  A collection is now and forever will be defined by me as ‘too much of a good thing’.  Too much of a good thing takes up space, is heavy, weighs on the mind and has an eventual outcome of having to be dealt with.  Many people leave the dealing to their children….shame on them.  I have decided not to leave my legacy, consequence of years of collection, to my children.   However, don’t throw money and rose petals in  my direction just yet 🙂  I figure this move will take me perhaps half of the way to where I hope to end up.

The consequence and the eventual dealing with it, is an emotionally charged, systematic review, of one’s life.  The letting go of the smallest of objects tears at the heart strings for many, me included so it seems.  I envy my friends who have limited attachment to their belongings but I am beginning to realize the attraction of that mind set.  You may be happy to know that I threw away my first, rather unusable brushes (my dearest of friends) recently.  And, the tupperware and onion soup pots….well, they are out the door…almost at any rate.  They are waiting for a pick up 🙂

I know that the load lightening is far reaching.  I know that the consequence of dealing with the consequence is life changing.  I know it is fundamentally affecting my view on life.  It should be interesting to see if my art making becomes lighter, freer, more to the point.  If I look past my aching body and the lists in my mind….I see excitement.



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