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The Infamous Curve Ball

January 31, 2015

Trying to make sense of life’s ‘curve balls’ could amount to a life time profession.

2015 has had a rough start for me….hence the lack of painting and blogging.  The New Year brought a horrible motorcycle accident to my son and this past week brought the passing of my sister, one of my best friends.  This has all followed the selling of my house and beautiful studio.  With all of the worry and stress I find myself with a displaced heart and soon to be, displaced body.  Because of the lack of time to look for a place to live, I have no definable place to lay my head.

I have spent the last little while trying to make sense of it all.  The last 6 years has, on the outside looking in, brought nothing but heartache.  The funny thing is, from the inside, I have never felt more aware of what it means to seek one’s centre and actually stay there and have never, ever, felt this free or able.  The unknown is increasingly a part of my life and has a distinct attraction that I once avoided like the plague.  Although I find myself falling back into my old pattern of fear of the unknown, that seems to happen less and less frequently.  Most importantly, what the last few events or weeks has shown me, is just how little ‘stuff’ really means to me….including the stuff I make my living with.  As I am packing my studio I am finding that I am rather quite unattached to my paints and canvases (still attached to my brushes though….odd), as well as most of the rest of my belongings.  Items that I once held so dear no longer have that much attraction held within.

The long and short of it is, one can either receive the dreaded ‘curve ball’ with anger, fear, angst or dread OR one can receive it with anticipation of what ‘might be’….an inquiring mind, with wings of accent rather than decent, with an open heart to all of the possibilities of life.

Something for all of us to ponder.

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