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After the Burn

November 23, 2014

After The Burn

This little painting is of a wonderful, mountain peak trail, that our family visits as often as we can.  The trail meanders through a section of burned out forest.  The burn happened over 45 years ago but the trees still stand.  In the few short years that we have been hiking this trail, since the mid 90s, we have seen a transformation….as if by magic.

The trees were originally black when we first started coming.  Then, they turned to a dull grey and over the years seem to have been burnished by the elements and now have a distinct silver patina.  If you hike through the area in the mid afternoon, on a crisp fall day, the trees appear to be blue.  Actually much more blue than I have painted them here.  To add to the magic, the fall brings with it, a colourful forest floor.  What more could a painter ask for?

This all brings to mind the old belief in silver linings.  Even the most catastrophic of events, ones that hurt our hearts to the core, can facilitate a magical transformation that would not otherwise be there to experience.  Out of the ashes the phoenix rises and all of that.  If we can just make it through the pain…..the gain can be immeasurable.


This little painting, an 10×8″ oil, can be bid on at the auction site  Just enter my name in the search bar and up my gallery will come :))  Enjoy!


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