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October 4, 2014

So, you are likely wondering what is happening.

I am sorry for the inconvenience of overloading your inbox with announcements of blog posts.  They will be copies of what you have possibly already read.  We were having a few issues with the blog being administered from my website instead of directly through wordpress and so we have switched back to the original format for posting.  I do hope that this works well but suspect that it will as it has in the past.

I do find the use of the computer for art marketing and getting my work ‘out there’ a challenge but slowly and surely the process is sinking in.  A little too slowly for those that are so kind to be helping me with the learning curve I am sure :))

Well, I had better get back to work.  I have not painted anything for dailypaintworks for two days now….yikes.  I am trying for a little painting a day and hope to keep that up.  You can check out what I have posted so far on and simply put my name in the side search bar and voila….there I will be!

Have a wonderful day!

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