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The Wind In Her Face

October 3, 2014


Remember Kitty?  Here she is having yet another ‘dandelion day’…only this time, the dandelions are absent.  There is nothing Kitty won’t try.  There is no place she won’t fly to….or ride a bike to.


This day, she is in Saskatchewan, a province smack dab in the middle of our beautiful country.  She is visiting the prairies for her grandmother’s 90th birthday party and of course, to experience mosquitoes.

Well some dogs might be content living a life where they get up every day and do exactly the same thing, at exactly the same time,  Kitty is not.  Kitty really does seek the pleasure of new experience.  There is a lot that can be learned from this little girl.  The more I see her react to her life, which by the way is the cat’s meow, the more I realize the joy had by grabbing each and every day and running with it…..wherever it may lead.

My niece has shared with me some more wonderful pictures of Kitty enjoying her life.  I will share them with you periodically in the coming days.

Do take a page from her book, or should I say, a breeze from her ride :)

ps  Sorry for such a large image in the post but I really did want you to see her face up close :)

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