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Chinese Red

October 3, 2014

My post for DPW today was of a small painting that I did a few weeks back. I was anxious for the garden to get growing so that I could paint some of my beautiful flowers. I look forward every year to the delight of the senses, found in my own backyard. I am not alone in this anticipation for my neighbours seem to be as excited as I am for what they know is about to appear. Before the iris and anemones, fire springs forth in the shape of the Chinese Red. The show that happens is as least as eventful as the Vancouver Fireworks in July.

I have posted my painting on the DPW site this morning so that you can have a look. Visit:

In medieval times the poppy was believed to hold special powers….that of love, luck, money and sleep. No wonder people love this flower! The seed pods were often guilded and worn as talismans to draw wealth. The seeds were used in love sachets and if you wanted to know the answer to a burning question, the holder of the seed pod would write the question on a piece of paper and place it inside the pod, under the pillow and await the answer to the question.

Painting poppies is a passion for many, especially in France. What I love about painting this magical flower is of course the colour but also the challenge of catching the fluid nature of the petals. This is not at all easy to do. What I have learned after painting many a poppy is to keep it simple, almost abstract.

Enjoy my little poppy painting!

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