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An Update

October 3, 2014

Well, it appears I am getting the hang of it….who would have guessed.

I have had some wonderful comments about my little paintings although not one bid has come out of all of this effort yet. I am still hopeful. This business of art is a tough one. Well, the painting part of it is not but the selling of your work sure is…at least for me. It is so very difficult to figure out a way to get more exposure to art lovers that love to buy art. Here in Canada, gallery representation is becoming a thing of the past for many artists. Several of our more famous galleries in my neck of the woods have closed, leaving artists to come up with novel ways to sell their work.

I do hope that this DPW marketing tool/site has an upside. I guess only time will tell.

If you would like to visit my latest posting on the site please enter this link: . This will lead you to the link for todays posting but you can see my other posts by putting in my name in the ‘search by artist’ space.

Enjoy, there are many, many fine artists showing on this site. It is lots of fun to see what creative people are up to.

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