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June 30, 2014

For human beings, struggling to define experience, words are key.  The word is a powerful element used when one is developing an understanding for/of an experience.  Here is an example of what I am trying to say.

The other night I was reading a passage where the questioner asks the questioned, “You speak of yourself as immutable.  I hear the sound of the word, I remember its dictionary meaning but the experience of being immutable I do not have.  …how do I understand what it means to be immutable?”

The answer.  “The word itself is the bridge.  Remember it, think of it, explore it, go round it, look at if from all directions, dive into it with earnest perseverance:  endure all delays and disappointments till suddenly the mind turns round, away from the word, towards the reality beyond the word.  It is like trying to find a person knowing his name only. A day comes when your enquiries bring you to him and the name becomes reality.  Words are valuable, for between the word and its meaning there is a link and if one investigates the word assiduously, one crosses beyond the concept into the experience at the root of it.” (Sri Nisargadatta)

After reading this passage I sat for a while contemplating its (the word immutable) meaning and relevance.  I was considering the basic meaning of the word which after some time I decided was im = Never and mutable = Changing. Never Changing.  

Since that day, I have come to believe that the immutable that Sri Nisargadatta just might be referring to is Spirit…that never changing element found in basically all aspects of the world around us.  Now, coming from a science background, one is always taught that nothing is static.  Everything is ALWAYS changing.  Hmmm….   Huston, I thought, we have a problem.

The stage of the investigation that I am at currently  is that, yep, the word immutable, that I have spent a week contemplating is quite possibly – Spirit .  And  guess what?  The coolest thing ever is that this immutable is what each and every artist is trying to capture!!  It doesn’t matter if you are painting, photographing, writing, acting, singing….we are all after the same thing….IT.  The Spirit or essence of that which we are investigating.

Think about it.  We are all exploring IT, going round IT, diving into IT with earnest perseverance, looking at IT from all directions.  For a painter for example, that is what a series is all about.  Our media may differ;  paintbrush, word, camera.  Our methods most certainly do.   But, the objective is immutable….exploring the Spirit of an idea.

The word is the bridge….so is the painting, the photograph, the note….

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