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Simple Pleasures

February 1, 2014

The day is coming to a close in my corner of the world.  As I look out my living room window I am reminded of simple pleasures.  I am reminded of how peaceful and powerful it is to experience the simple pleasures that surround us.

At this moment the sea and sky are a powder blue and the distant mountains, dark and cool, are bordered with a rosy glow.  It always surprises me just how light or bright the sea can be in this last light of day.  As I look past silhouettes of trees and homes in my neighbourhood, the sea appears even brighter.

I have often tried to photograph this beautiful sight….even tried to paint it but alas, neither medium ever turns out’ just right’.  They never capture the absolute beauty I behold, right here in front of me.

The sea holds this light, right to the bitter end.  Even after the sky in darkness looms, the sea’s brightness persists.  The sliver of the moon and the coming stars cannot compete with it’s presence.

Being a rather spiritual person, I might liken it to the human soul.

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