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A Game of Risk?

October 9, 2013

I have been doing so much painting lately that I forgot about my commitment to the development of the ‘seeing life as a game board’ theory.  Water under the bridge….onward.

The whole purpose of this exercise is the contemplation of a possible truth, that we are all, regardless of the genre of our game, after the same ‘end game’.  It seems to me that the best way to realize why we bother to ‘play’ the game at all and what it is we are ultimately seeking, is to come to an understanding of the type of game we are playing at this moment and has the game changed at all over the years.

There are some basic questions to ask yourself  during this discovery that will help you narrow down the style of your game board and whether or not it truly suits you.

1.   Are there any correlations between the games we like to play and the game we call our life?  If so, do we find that fulfilling?  I would like you to bring to mind the genre of games that we know:  a game of risk, chance, numbers, memory, knowledge, laughter, love (not actually a game board but often a game ne c’est pas)etc, etc.  Which type is your favourite game to play?

2.   Is the genre you have chosen,  everything we thought it would be?  Or, would changes to your perception of the board  be beneficial?

3.  Lastly…and the point of playing the game is???  I know that most of the time people play a game to ‘win’ but beyond ‘winning’ what is it that you are seeking?

I am thinking that when you can pinpoint the answer to this last question, you will have discovered the scaringly simple reason why we bother to play this game of life in spite of periodically being side tracked by losing a turn, taking 5 steps backwards, going to jail….  Of note is -it doesn’t hurt to have the occasional wild card or extra turn and to keep in mind that it doesn’t always pay off to screw your opponent.  Also, tides often turn in a game.

I personally have narrowed down the genre of my game board and have figured out the end game, as I see it at this moment in time.  It is just one word that represents that which we seek…  That being said, the way my mind works, that too could change 🙂

Once you figure out what the ‘end game’ is, you have an upper hand when making decisions that will affect the course of your game.  It will take a ton of pressure off!!!  Decide to do something only if it supports your end game.

ps  a very helpful techi at wordpress, whose handle is Happiness Technician….I love that one….said that in order for your comments to be posted on the site as well as going to my email, you must fill out the information bars that appear with your comment.

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