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Altered Perception of Reality or Summer of Enlightenment

August 24, 2013

Wow, what a summer!!  Travelling, painting, rethinking/jigging, conjuring, experiencing new heights, coming to terms with the fabric of “I am that/I am”….

My summer has been nothing short of spectacular.  For sure there have been highs and lows but the lows no longer seem all that profound.  Profound: of a state, quality or emotion – very great, intense.  The vast depth of the ocean or of the mind;  deep – thorough – sound.

At the onset of the summer I was met by the darker side of ‘one’s’ mind – you know the’ one’….willing and able to obsess over what is, what could have been and what will never be.  It seems that when I am met by that side of ‘one’s’ mind, I can take to procrastination, blubbering and yes over indulging in the supposedly finer things in life.  How fortunate for me it was a busy summer and I had no choice but to engage myself in the game.

My first move on the board was to successfully clear some rather large amounts of clutter from my life….a point to the good.  Then I proceeded to obsess over what I had gotten rid of – tears and all…..a step backwards on the board.  My next move in the game was travel!! – always a point to the good.  However, I could not leave it at that.  It seems I needed to obsess over how much the travel  was costing me, how much this summer away from my garden and painting was going to cost me and the amount of work I would have upon my return…yet another step backwards.  I had a marvelous time away and indeed did come home to more work than I had anticipated….standing still on the board.

Here is where it gets interesting.  Some months back I had made a conscious decision to ‘be where my hands are’ whenever I remembered to do so.  The other little thing that I had made a pack with is Einstein’s General Relativity concept of stretching time…if you are running out of time…while, simply make more of it.  My husband’s once annoying statement of “all we have is time”, ringing in my ears, allowed me to move ahead several steps in the game.  Everything is relative!!!.

From the sale of something I really did not want to sell but had to, I received the gift of two new clients that bought 6 of my paintings and have a possible buyer for something else that I need to release.  From the first leg of my travels I learned that some people will never be able to give up the past but the only people they are hurting are themselves.  The second leg of my travels taught me that generous people are everywhere, that the world is beautiful in spite of its self, that first appearances don’t tell the whole story, magic exists in the minds and hearts of men and women, that time is indeed flexible and fluid, that people take good care of you even when you don’t know them and even when you don’t immediately realize that they are, that there are too many possible painting subjects out there for one life time, that it is ok to ask for help, sometimes one just needs a good laugh…and a good cry and that each and every experience has it’s upside if one just looks a little bit harder….quiet that mind.  Oh yes, not to be forgotten, family and friends are everything!

It can be said that the game we are in isn’t suppose to be fun or easy.  What I have come to realize this summer…..finally for heavens sake….is, IT JUST IS!

Look closely at the events of your summer….lots to learn and all the time in the world to learn it 🙂

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  1. September 9, 2013 2:53 pm

    This is an interesting post with many ways approach the age-old question of why am I here. I sometimes wonder if there are no true endings, the way there are in books, but rather circles where we experience hardships and happiness and ponder creation amid our goals before returning to where (to use your analogy) we become one with the board game itself.

    About personal goals, perhaps freeing oneself from any end game at all and enjoying the journey as best we can by doing what satisfies is a key. Also, the ideal might be to do work we absolutely love that helps and inspires others. I like what the Dalai Lama said: “Our prime purpose in life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

    Many people do not have the luxury of doing what they love and must work at difficult tasks to help the people that they love.

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