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Five Simple Words

June 14, 2013

Sometimes life hands one cherries.  The trick is to let the sweetness of their taste linger for as long as possible.

A very dear friend of mine emailed me from a conference she was attending.  She was in a session on Indigenous Epistemology….something I have had an affinity for, for as long as I can remember.  This particular session was about the Blackfoot nation’s practice of being ‘wisely aware’.  Oh how I wish I could have been at that conference.

One Blackfoot mantra, as it were, is made up of five simple words…..Be Where Your Hands Are.  One might just brush over this ‘mantra’ and pay it no-never-mind, if one were foolish.  I have been living with this mantra for over a week now and although I thought it to be a basic expression of ‘living in the moment’, have come to realize that it is much, much more than that.  This practice of being ‘wisely aware’ infects ones existence like tentacles, through the passage of each moment.

There is a connection here that is not immediately obvious but becomes so with the practice of being where one’s hands are.  Heart and hands: hands and heart.  As painters, we live this association every day.  With those moments of creation, comes the awareness of the intimate connection between heart, hand and by extension….brush.  Through our practice of being where our hands are we can often lose our perception of the passage of time, feel bliss and basically watch magic reveal itself.  We are filled with fortune!

Each day brings stress and strain on one’s mind and heart.   However, the practice of bringing ourselves back to the present by ‘checking in’ on where our hands might be and what they are doing,  creates some peace within our heart by re-jigging our perception of our personal ‘reality’…..becoming ‘wisely aware’.    Give it a try, you’ll see what I am getting at.

Brilliance in five simple words!!

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