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On The Road Again

February 25, 2013

“First you make the decision and then you make it right”!!

I have been mulling over that little bit of brilliance for a few days now.  It came to me second hand but is no less powerful for that fact.  I can see just how valuable that approach is for the journey of  a life on the path of least resistance.  It is no less valuable in the construction of a fine painting.

The painting process begins with an idea.  This idea can be based on necessity (a commission) or it may come from mere experience….inspiration.    Either way the challenges of creating a desirable piece of art are the same.  The first challenge is to get out of your own way and make a decision with respect to what you are trying to say with what you are about to create.  This decision carries a lot of weight for if the creator is unsure of their destination, chances are they will get lost.  (Sound familiar?)

The next challenge is creating a strong composition.  The map as it were.   There are rules for creating this strong  composition which we have touched on in past posts….remember centre of interest, harmony, unity, contrast… that sort of thing.  This challenge is supported by the “make it right” part of the quote.  There are very few artists wherein this challenge comes completely naturally.  This challenge is overcome by simply going to your room and doing the work.

The final challenge, as I see it the most difficult, is learning to ‘read’ the painting throughout the painting process.  A good painting, one an artist is satisfied with, is always leading that artist somewhere.  It takes you for a ride, so to speak.  There is a certain point in every painting that when you let the painting direct your next stroke, magic abounds.  If you have never experienced this, it may be difficult to understand but do be open to it.  You will not find disappointment.

As my sister-in-law says, when driving, try not to drive towards the signs but let the signs come to you.  Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Happy painting.  Happy driving.  Namaste.

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  1. April permalink
    February 25, 2013 7:15 pm

    Such is a great message for living in general. I love that: don’t drive towards the signs; let them come to you. I keep asking for a sign, but find unless you stop looking, they don’t appear…….or is it that we don’t see the signs in front of us? Ugh, either way it can be a messy processs.

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