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Ringing in the New Year

December 31, 2012

Upon reflection I have noted that for me, the significance of and  the celebration of, the  ringing in of the new year has decidedly changed .  What was once an excuse to dress up and party has now become a point of reflection on the year that has passed and the hopeful aspirations of the future year.  For those of you in the lower half of your lives, parties may still be the norm but for the rest of us, quiet moments with friends and family or a good movie and a drink of a treasured scotch, may be all that is required.  Thanks to my sister-in-law I now have a new way to ‘ring in the new year’.

My sister-in-law is a certified executive coach (her company name is Integrated Focus Group…… FYI).  Our family benefits on many levels from her experience and  knowledge.  Each year she sends out a list of questions for completing the year that is about to end and a list for ‘creating‘ the year that is about to be born.  It is absolutely surprising how liberating the process of answering these questions can be.  Desired perspective is reached and a semblance of order is maintained…..well, as much as order can be maintained.  It truly is amazing to me how much I actually do accomplish in a year, even in one that appeared to drag and seemed quite uneventful.  Contemplating answers to questions of completion, risk taking, triumphs, finances and gifts to oneself and others is more difficult than it may first appear.  Coming up with a single word to describe major events, hopes and dreams, shortcomings and disappointments is not easy.  The resulting insight however is formidable….especially for the creative mind  in us all 🙂

It is with great fondness that I remember those early celebrations and it is with satisfaction that I now welcome the coming of the new year.

I do hope that the brilliance of this new year (lucky number 13 after all) will be felt by all and I am heartfelt in wishing each and every one a peaceful, healthy 2013!!

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