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Words to the Wise

December 14, 2012

Time is fast approaching when we, as a collective, begin to reflect on the past year.  I actually love this time of year because I love the ‘close ‘of things, the coming of the end as it were.  You know, like when you finish the last of the cereal in the box, you put the wrappings in recycle and ponder what breakfast will be tomorrow.  The emptying of a jar of mustard, of jam, of mayo, may seem like a mundane act but each and every time this eventuality is releasing to us all, that small feeling of renewal.  As with the jars of jam, with each renewed year we are given a wonderful opportunity to shake things up a bit….release some of that old garbage and reset the program….try something new (or maybe it is something from way back when :))

A very good friend and I were talking today about how parts of us, you know those adventuresome, free spirited parts from our youth, become hidden from ourselves by the threats of responsibility in jobs, parenting, politics, religion….  It truly is a crying shame were many of us end up.  We often can become overbearing, judgmental and needy.  We struggle each New Year’s eve to re evaluate and promise to ourselves that this next year will be different….you’ll see.  When, the fact is, things often stay pretty much the same leaving us on a very fast turning wheel to, well, no where in particular.

My words to the wise to all of my readers is this.  How about we all try to live this next year, backed by the words I read in a quote just the other day:

“Life is a challenge, meet it!  Life is a dream, realize it!

Life is a game, play it!  Life is love, enjoy it!”

by Sai Baba

How good is that one!!!  I really don’t know much about Sai Baba but I do know that if we all choose to give this a try….man watch out!

As an aside, check your fridge after reading this post….it will speak volumes as to where you stand re releasing that old, moldy, rotten crap that is holding you down 🙂

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