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“If Not Now, When?” George Post

November 20, 2012

One of my sons called me last night to tell me he was quitting his job.  I have to say that I wasn’t shocked but I was taken aback.  I heard him out, tried to ask the appropriate questions (whatever those are for heaven sake) and enjoyed the rest of our conversation.  After we hung up, I started my mind chatter….that old chatter that I was sure I had left behind.  On and off that evening and into today, I fretted over insecurity, leaving good benefits, a lower income, all those sorts of things.  I was really very ticked at my response.  That is, until I picked up a book by Frank LaLumia on Plein Air Painting in Watercolour and Oil.  I opened to the introduction and read Frank’s first words “At 5:05 on September 9, 1977, I quite my last job.  With the words of the great watercolorist George Post ringing in my ears, “If not now, when?”  I knew this quote but hadn’t known that George Post was responsible for the inspiration.  Thank you George!

If you remember, back on July 28th I wrote a blog titled “Counting the Days”.  In that post I tried to allow myself to see that ‘getting on with it’ is the best course of action and that the longer we postpone our desires/dreams, the less likely they are to fructify.  Well….

It just so happens that this son of mine and his brother are well into the throws of starting up the Doan Brothers Craft Brewing Company.  The remaining steps they are required to take will scare them to death (maybe me more than them :)) All they want is the opportunity to take the chance.  The days are moving past….’If not now, when?’  Thanks son.

To all of you that are unsure of taking the steps towards your dream….go for it!  It may end up that it is not all that you thought it would be but at least you will know that you took the chance.

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