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International Artist Day!!

October 25, 2012

Never heard of it?  Well, that is because it is something new.  Here is what was written in our local newspaper….I am taking part this inaugural year….hopefully if you can find some artists in your area, you can create a ‘happening’ as well.

The celebration of International Artist Day, founded a few years ago by White Rock BC painter Chris MacClure, has taken on a life of its own internationally, in celebrations as far afield as Spain and India.  White Rock and MacClure and wife Marilyn Hurst are poised to become a focal point of the celebrations world-wide with a full-scale multi-diciplinary festival in the works for 2013.

In the interim, MacClure is inviting the public and fellow artists to participate in “A Small Introduction” Oct 25-27.

The actual day of celebration is Oct 25 each year.  If you would like to learn more about iAD you can follow the happening/join their facebook page.  This weekend Chris and Marilyn have invited as many artists as wish to participate, to bring two paintings down to their new studio space for display and sale.  We are having a get together tonight with food and wine….it should be wonderful fun.  It is always great to hang out with other artists in your community.  It is also wonderful to, in spirit at the very least, connect oneself with like-minded individuals around the Globe.

I applaud Chris and Marilyn for taking on such a project.  It is about time artists were ‘formally’ (well, as formal as artists get) appreciated for their contributions to the cultural fabric of nations.  Go ARTISTS!!

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  1. October 27, 2012 1:59 pm

    Way to go! Are other artist than painters welcome?

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