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The Final Analysis – That’s A Laugh

October 23, 2012

Final :  Pertaining to the end, at the end; last, concluding, conclusive, decisive, determining; admitting of no further argument.
This past weekend was our Studio Tour -“Something To Crow About” , it’s theme.   After each tour our group gets together to discuss our thoughts on how it went.  My mind is still working through and trying to make sense of , how things went.

Our theme this year was well received...good idea from those that visited my studio.  I had close to 200 people come to visit me and a lot of interest shown in my art.  That enthusiasm did not, however, translate into painting sales.  I sold cards, small crow sculptures that I had made and crow drawings but only sold 5 small paintings.  I had interest shown in a few of the larger paintings but not the interest that I have had in the past.  In previous years (excluding last year) I generally sold in excess of 15 paintings.  So, what is up you might ask?  It seems that the potters in our group do well, the painters….

After the first day, when I had sold nothing but cards, my ‘mind chatter’ almost verged on debilitating.  The image in my head was that one day I would be found dead, smothered in a pile of unsold paintings….a ghastly and very bleak image to be sure.
Every event that we experience has an outcome and that outcome can influence a person in one of three ways – either positively, negatively or can have no affect on you at all.  Seems this past weekend had a devastatingly, negative,  affect on the chatter of my mind.  By bedtime Saturday night, I had resigned myself to quit painting, sell my house with my beautiful studio and try to find a job that paid for work completed.  On Sunday morning when I opened the studio for the second day of the tour, I had become somewhat more positive and had decided that I just love painting and simply can’t give it up….the 5 paintings went that day.

So, in my final analysis, I will keep painting, likely die painting and I will try very hard to have no attachment to the outcome of an event 🙂  But how, one might ask, will that pay the bills….?

Oh yes, here is the outcome of my larger crow painting….still not happy with the background but in real life, my crow is very realistic….actually scared one visitor to the studio, yikes.

Crow Study – In Bright Light

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