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My Crow Has Feet!

September 28, 2012

Ready for an update?  I have been working on my crow painting.  It seems to be coming along.  I am liking the development of the ‘character’ of my crow but am not that fussy with the background of the painting.  I am painting from the photograph that I showed you in my last blog which very generously revealed that fact that crows are not actually entirely black.  Here is the next stage of the painting.

Stage 2

In reality, my crow is not quite this blue.  My camera isn’t the best but you get the picture.  He is starting to look like ‘himself’….I just love when a painting begins to take form.  It is nothing short of magic.  I do need to do something with the background…don’t exactly know what yet but that will come in time.  It is amazing what a photograph will reveal,  that which is illusive to the naked eye.  It seems that when you spend time with a painting, you can get a false sense of it’s completion.  A camera or a mirror can provide a different ‘point of view’.

Now to my next crow project.  How much fun was this?  I had not done paper mache for years and years.  I decided that I would like to include a small sculpture in my Crow stash for the Studio Tour.  I went out and bought chicken wire but the rest of the materials I found laying around the house.  I wish I had taken a picture of the original form that I made for my crow.  It was goofy looking and very difficult to work with.  When I do another sculpture with this medium, I will not use chicken wire.  There has to be something better.  Anyway, I wrapped the wire form with three layers of paper, letting it dry for a day each time.  The crow began to appear…all-be-it a rather quirky looking crow.  I kind of like him though in his imperfection.

The biggest issue I had was what to use for legs and feet and how to attach them.  I went over to my neighbour to ask him what I should do…..Gary knows how to do everything and if he doesn’t he will figure it out.  His suggestions were wonderful but I really wanted to keep it simple and use items that I had around the house.  When I finally figured out something I was so excited.  My crow finally had feet!  

Ta Da !!

crow with feet

As you can see, I don’t know how to insert photos properly…sorry about that.

Once I got the feet figured out I decided to paint him a dull black and then a gloss black over that but I left the legs, feet and eyes a dull black.  Isn’t he cute?

His best side 🙂

When confronting a crow

He is quirky but I have grown to like having him around in my studio.

Will keep you posted on the development of my painting.  Cheers!

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