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All Manner of Crows

September 22, 2012

Northwestern Crow

So, this is my drawing of a Northwester Crow….see how uncrow-like it is?  Who would have guessed.   The crows that hang around my place are definitely the Common Crow but I saw this guy down at the beach, so I had to draw him.

Most of my crow drawings and paintings that I have been working on  are of the Common Crow.  One in particular.  There is a younger crow that lives near my house.  He has a disability and spends a lot of time by himself.  I have decided that this is the crow that I will paint next.  I am leaving out his disability.  He has one foot that is completely destroyed…or maybe it just never developed normally.  All things considered he still handles himself fairly well but does seem lonely.  He spends a lot of time hanging around my studio door.  Here is a picture of him.

First Choice

‘When it comes to painting this guy, there is one thing I am really looking forward to….painting the colours of the rainbow.  I have noticed, through my investigations, that crows are a very good example of how what we ‘see, may not be, exactly what we are looking at.  Take the crow feathers for example, if you were to ask anyone,  “what colour do they think a crow is?” the answer you would get would be unequivocally…  And you would say,”ah ha, how closely did you look?”  Your final utterance would be, “Crows, are anything but black!”

I have seen in their feathers, phthalo green and phthalo blue, cobolt blue, rose and alizarin crimson, sometimes I even see orange and transparent earth red….anything but black.

I have done the first stage of painting/drawing of my feathered friend….so far, pretty good.  As you can see, I need to widen the upper part of his breast and the top of his shoulder/wing and the beak needs to be smaller but I can feel the ‘character’ of this bird arising.  That is the most important part…..the rest is easy to adjust.

I will keep you posted as to how the painting develops and will show you some of the other cool things that I have been working on in my studio.  Until then, ta ta!

The first stage

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