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Something to Crow About

September 15, 2012

I love crows.  Always have and always will.  Because of this, you cannot imagine how excited I was when our Studio Tour group decided to have a theme this year and that the theme was the crow.  The excitement continues!

The way the studio tour usually works is like this:  10-15 artists open their studios to the public for two days each year, on the third weekend in October.  The criteria for being a member of the tour is that you must be a working artist and you must have a working studio.  This selection process does eliminate some very fine artists from the mix but it helps limit the numbers of open studios.  This way, the public can get around to all of the studios in the two days.

There are many wonderful reasons to have a free, open tour event.  There is the business side of things….it keeps up your profile, exposure to the public, increases public awareness for the artists in the community, gives one a chance to sell some of their  “stash” 🙂 and allows the public to see where and how an artist works which in turn helps them see that painting or sculpting for that matter, is a process.  Then there is the part I like….the festive-like atmosphere that comes with such an event.  Picture 200 + people milling around laughing, talking, asking questions, giving hugs….you get the picture.  It is just so much fun!

This year stands to be even better.  As I said before, we have decided that the crow will be our theme.  Each artist has to make at least one piece of art that fits this theme.  It can be a drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, depending on your discipline.  Or, like some of us, it can be all, or almost all, of the above 🙂  We will be decorating the inside and outsides of our studios…keeping with the theme.  Each artist will have one piece that will be a ‘silent auction’ item giving the viewing public the chance to bid on our piece and return more than once to our studios….just in case they want to up the ante.  I am going to have a few surprises at my studio!

The tour has a website that will be updated in the next couple of weeks.  The site will show some of the artwork that will be on display and a tour map showing where each studio is.  The website is .
I did a load of drawings of crows to get to know the ins and outs of them before I do my painting.  I have read about them, watched specials about how smart they are and watch my own crow family eat and interact every day.  Did you know that we have two species of crow on the west coast.  Yep, we do, the Northwestern Crow which is small, has a smaller beak and a different set of calls to our more widely known Common Crow.  Will show some of what I am working on in the next blog…..probably titled,…..All Manner of Crows 🙂


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