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Counting The Days

July 28, 2012

My neighbour gave me a gift this week and I wanted to pass the gift on to all of you.  At first the gift didn’t seem all that relevant but the more I have thought about it, the more relevant it has become.  This gift is very much related to the Dandelion Day post that I wrote back in 2011.  I bring this up only because that post has become the one, most read… all around the world….and I believe what I am writing today carries a similar message for us all.

My neighbour came by the day before yesterday, to “steal” some of my roses 🙂  She does that on a regular basis because I have different varieties than she has.  The difference on that particular day was that she chose to knock on my door to tell me that she was in the process of stealing my roses.  She has never done that before… should have been the first clue to the importance of her forthcoming message.

This is how the conversation went:

Rap, rap, rap on my door (I have the coolest lion doorknocker from Scotland, that on my large door makes an amazing sound, not unlike what you would hear in a horror movie).  I open the door and there stands my neighbour.  She is a shorter lady, with the most beautiful hair you have ever seen.  She grabs your attention immediately.  This is helpful for the message she is about to deliver to me is a good one 🙂

“How are you doing today, dear?” she asks.

“Oh, pretty good, I guess.”  I answer.

“Only pretty good.”  she replies.  Then, she proceeds to deliver her gift of the day.  “You know, if you live to be 100 years old, you have 36,500 days to experience life”….didn’t register with me.  She continues, “I am in my 70s so I only have 9,000 days left”.  ”  Make the most of every day” she says.  Then she said her goodbyes and left….with my roses 🙂 …..still nothing registered with me.

Since that day I have done some thinking and this is what I have come up with.

We have all been drilled, to the point of exhaustion, with phrases such as:  live every day to the fullest, stay in the moment, make the most with what you are dealt and on and on.  All references to enjoying life and making the most of the time you have are wonderful but the drawback to hearing something so often is that you become immune to the message and are less likely to respond.  Every now and then a messenger delivers a message from a new angle and rejigs your response to it.

Realistically, any given person is going to live to be 80 or so.  In that case, we are given + or – 29,200 days to experience.  I am 59 years old this year and have therefore already lived 21,535 days + or -…..that means if I live to be 100 I only have 14,965 days remaining and if I only live to 80 I only have 7,665 days left.

Now, almost 8,000 days may seem like a lot but putting that into perspective, if I can eat well, exercise and stay healthy so that I am able to enjoy all of the days, realistically I only have 8,000 days remaining to:  paint paintings, travel, hike, visit friends and family, run, bike, walk by the sea, visit a forest, eat good food, drink great wine (and scotch and martinis), visit great galleries and museums,  read great books for heaven sakes, spin, weave, sew, sculpt, listen to music, work in my garden…not to mention all of the things that aren’t on my A list.  Man, I had better get busy!!  How about you?

See ya.  I am off to paint….!

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