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Let It Be

July 20, 2012

So, this is rather freaky…so freaky in fact, that I just had to write about it today.  It has been on my mind.

Several months ago my youngest son told me that all he wanted for his birthday present was a painting of George Harrison….his favourite Beatle.  This request is odd enough in and of itself as my youngest son turns 26 today….a 26 year old that understands and appreciates, the relevance of the man himself!

George Harrison just so happens to be my favourite Beatle as well… has been for well over 40 years.  In fact, my cousin in England use to send my sister and myself cool Beatle stuff (especially of George) when they were in their hay day.  Both of us were in love 🙂

I have to confess that I am nervous to paint a painting of an icon.  I have put the process off for some time now (my son actually asked me the first time over a year ago) but knew that it was now or never.  “So just start for heavens sake”, I told myself.

There is a certain path from ‘here’ to ‘there’ that it seems I must take when painting a “commission”.  This project must be viewed as a commission because it is not something I would frequently or easily, undertake.  The path is a kind of ‘getting to know’ the subject to be painted.  I do some research, look at images and play music… all of which seemed appropriate for this subject.

I started the process by looking at old pictures of George Harrison…these brought memories flooding into the conscious.  It surprised me how much I actually remembered about the man, the times/philosophy  and the music.  So, I got out a canvas, put it up on my easel and starred at it a while (I do that).  I started singing “Let It Be” in my head, picked up my tube of Transparent Earth Orange and squeezed out.  Next, I picked up my brush, loaded it with medium, diluted the paint and began to brush paint onto the canvas.  The phone rang (when is one more happy than when they are saved by the phone, ha) and I left my work sitting there in vertical limbo.  When the thought of the painting popped back into my head, I went to the studio and this is what I found.  What a wonderful surprise I thought to myself and left the room.  Periodically that evening I walked by the studio to see if the painting still looked so ‘present’….yep, it did.

My son came over yesterday and I apologized for not having the painting done…but he knows me.  He sat in front of George for several minutes while I told him of my ideas for the painting and that I was going to call it ‘Let It Be’ in honour of the man himself.  He told me he had goose bumps…so did I.

The question now is….what to do with the painting.  I will keep you posted as it develops.  Don’t hold your breath though, could take me another year 🙂 as I am that concerned about touching it and destroying our magic moment!

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  1. Barb permalink
    July 24, 2012 5:04 am

    I am so glad that ‘the blog’ has started up again…… I always read your blogs twice for the message that springs forth! Keep the blog going.🌺

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