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What Is Your Goat Cheese?

March 26, 2012

Odd question you say but this simple question just might give you more insight into your ‘self’ than you ever thought possible.  The question comes with a bit of a story and the story goes something like this.

My sister-in-law was visiting her son recently and he asked her this very question.  He prefaced his question with a little known fact about his ex-girlfriend.  Now, we all know that little known facts about people could perk some ears but this little fact has caused a snow ball effect in more than one mind.  Just how basic  are our needs to our general happiness?

It was relayed that when my nephew was going to university he and his girlfriend had absolutely zero dollars and didn’t really mind that situation all that much.  Just as many of us can relate to, they had each other and were doing something that they loved, so nothing else really mattered…..except for one small item.  As it is told, every week when the two of them would go grocery shopping, my nephew’s girlfriend had to buy a large package of goat cheese.  At first he thought that this was a bit of a luxury but came to realize that this one small item kept her content and happy with her life.  He was impressed.

Upon returning from her son’s place, his mother asked me this same question.  Hmmm…  My first reaction to the question was ‘well, I would be happy as long as I had my paints around me, maybe my yoga mat …or was it red wine?’  I have spent countless hours in mindful exploration wondering what it is, family not withstanding, that I would just not be comfortable living without.  Turns out, I could live without pretty much anything.  It also turns out that I do have one little item that seems to act as my ‘adult’ security blanket 🙂

Now, before you read any further, I would like you to take a moment to quickly jot down some things that you feel you could ‘just not live without’.  It is important to have them written down because after some thought, it is this little list that will bring surprise to you when at last your mind sets itself upon it’s ‘goat cheese’.

It turns out that my personal ‘goat cheese’ is the handkerchief.  You read that correctly, it is the lowly hankie, as I call it.  I have noticed that I have them everywhere…in every pocket, in almost every room!
The last thing I check before I leave the house is whether or not I have an hankie accompanying me.  Man, I could be thought of as weird.  However, in defense of this little known fact about myself, having my hankie at hand makes me feel prepared….I can tackle anything.

There are the obvious uses of course.  An hankie is good for wiping the nose when one has  a cold, or allergies or when one needs to cry.  It can be lent to a friend (clean of course) or can be used to wipe something off your clothes.  It can be used to open grubby doors or clean your glasses.  I have used it to clean off cutlery in restaurants and clean up spilled paint.  I have used it to dust picture frames and clean spots off of glass.  Napkins, sun shields, cold compresses or hot…the sky is the limit.   I have old ones that were my grandpa’s and ones from my childhood.  My kids have even bought me ones that are rather more fresh and artistic.  A hankie is something I would be rather loathe to live without.

Since this is a blog rather linked to art in life, you might wonder what all of this has to do with art or art making.  Well, I think that the more one knows the ‘self’ , the closer one comes to stilling the mind.  The closer one comes to stilling the mind, the clearer one ‘sees’ and the clearer one ‘sees’, the better able they are to indulge in creative acts.  Finding one’s ‘goat cheese’ is not a simple task but one well worth the time spent in contemplation.

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  1. March 27, 2012 2:44 am

    Great post! Not sure what mine is… Something to think about!

  2. March 27, 2012 3:54 pm

    Oh, you will figure it out Alysa and it will likely surprise the heck out of you. It is going to be kind of fun to see what people come up with!

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