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Moving Toward Resolution

December 31, 2011

It is that time of year once again when each of us is contemplating the resolve we will take into the New Year.  I have been thinking a lot about my own personal resolutions for 2012 and decided to look up the definition for the word “resolution” just to make sure that the pack I was making with myself was a sound one.  To my surprise, I found the Webster Universal Dictionary definition to be liberating.

Here goes:  Resolution is a latin word meaning  – untying, relaxing, solution.  Act of resolving into component parts,  state of being resolved; analysis; disintegration.  Act of converting, process of being transformed, conversion into something different, substitution;   passing of discord into concord…and finally act of solving, state of being solved, solution….firm intention, determination…… I’m in, I thought to myself.  Why had I never before investigated this definition?

Until that moment I had always equated New Years resolutions with something not quite adequate about myself that needed upgrading or revamping.  My mind had touched on the obvious projects of being more fit, losing weight, eating less wheat and sugar, drinking less wine (bet you can all relate to this list), to the more personal resolutions of working on the paintings that are piling up in the corner of my studio, finishing projects that I have started, being more diligent with my yoga practise and meditation….you get the idea.  I always related unresolved issues to lack of discipline.  It ain’t necessarily so!!

If you take a look at the parts of the definition I have highlighted you may find that resolutions have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the lack of discipline and absolutely everything to do with allowing ourselves permission to affect change in our lives.  How awesome is that ?!!  We are allowed, by the definition alone, to untie, relax, transform and set intentions with determination.  Not one of these words reflects a negative thought.  Not one of these words reflects an inadequate part of ourselves.  Resolution is merely part of our growing process.

So, as you set your resolutions tomorrow at midnight be kind to yourself.  Try to keep your resolve/intention liberating and doable….baby steps toward your goals.

Happy New Year everyone and may 2012 bring you closer to that which you seek.

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