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The Ins and Outs of Harmony

December 17, 2011

The word harmony has it’s roots in the Greek language.  At it’s birth, harmony was associated with the following definition : A fitting together, joining, adaptation of parts, or of things, to each other in combination.  Due proportion and adaptation of parts to each other in relation to the whole of parts so as to make a pleasing aesthetic impression.

I have been contemplating this word for some time now.  I have a few, small health issues that have lead me in this direction.

I have three ‘go to’ references that, when something seems out of wack, I take from the shelf and begin my investigation…..I just can’t escape my science background 🙂  The first book I refer to is Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life”.  I do this as I am usually looking for an emotional reason for the root of my issue.  In short, Louise says that my life is lacking harmony.  My next ‘go to’ reference book is my “MUDRAS – yoga in your hands” book by Gertrud Hirschi.  I research here next,  as I tend to have very good success righting myself when using the mudras she suggests for certain conditions.  Gertrude also eludes to the fact that, at this point, I require require repose and harmony.  Finally, I bring out the ‘big guns’, a book written by a doctor James Balch and a nurse, Phyllis Balch.  This book, being decidedly more scientific in nature is one still willing to consider natural solutions.  They too, refer to my disturbed inner harmony.  Wow, I think, what do they mean by harmony?  And, if I lack it, why?

If you reread the definition of harmony above….I am not so sure that a single person walking this earth posses complete harmony.  This is certainly going to require further investigation, I think to myself.   This is what I have come up with so far.

Harmony, from where I sit now, has many faces.  Harmony rules all 5 senses (or 6 depending on where you are at).  The elusive Harmony is desired by every living thing, in this world and beyond.  Just when we feel close to her, something inherently happens and she vanishes.

As an artist, I understand the role of Harmony in a painting.  Harmony is one of the Principles of Design and is more or less present depending on the ’emotion’ an artist wishes to convey.  Colour, line, value and the other elements of design contribute to the ‘strength’ of her presence.  In art, as in music, Harmony brings unity, peace and refuge for the eye or ear.

A good curry is the ultimate in Harmony of two of the other senses – smell and taste.  Well each of us can think of many examples of things we touch every day that are in perfect harmony, we are still left wondering how the lack of Harmony in our lives can exist.  After all, if we can think of so many examples of where Harmony exists with regard to our 5 senses, how can we, as a whole, be lacking it?

As I mentioned above, an artist employs Harmony or the lack of it, to convey emotion within a painting.  Could emotion then, be the fulcrum on which Harmony pivots?

Further investigation required….

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  1. December 17, 2011 2:53 am

    Whenever I read your wonderful thoughts, I find myself writing down new books to buy – I have read material by Louise Hay, but am not aquainted with the other writers you mentioned. Your thoughts have now started me thinking about the “harmony” and the “lack of harmony” within my own life. I find myself wondering if “harmony” can ever be a constant experience. How much does our world view – our day to day choices – our environment – those people who journey with us – our emotions – participate in our personal harmony? And is our harmony completely individual and personal and relative only to each of us? I kind of relate harmony to balance! Well, I shall re-read your thoughts – which always take me further into “me”! I hope that whatever your health concerns are will be resolved and you will experience harmony within your being! This is a good post…you are a thinker…you are a writer! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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