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The Middle

September 23, 2011

“The Show Must Go On” TDN

Donald's Apples

This is a critical point in the painting process….firmly establishing direction, avoiding pitfalls and educating oneself on the avoidance of bad habits….sound familiar?

I was not happy with the way the composition of the painting was going…the placement of the apples in relation to the branches of the tree.  The branches were bothering me and were competing with the apples for the viewers attention.  A change was necessary, so I decided to pick up a pencil and draw over what I had painted.  I almost never do this but  sometimes tough measures are required.

The ‘middle’ can be frustrating and require flexibility in ones desired outcome if fulfilling ones vision becomes challenging.  It is at this point in the painting process that an artist shows what they are made of.  As Bob Genn so apply put it, it is the time of “confident brushing and rational strategy”.

On the other hand, the ‘middle’ is where all the brilliance lies.  This is where insight into the subject is so helpful.  If one has an emotional and intellectual connection to what they are painting the outcome can be magical.  All one needs is to show up and be open to the infinite possibilities.

This is a pretty lousy photograph but it does show the development of the composition.  I think I am almost ready to begin developing the apples, leaves and the negative spaces.

The negative spaces, those ’empty’ spaces between objects are the most fun to paint.  I love to see how creative I can get with these spaces and try to develop them in support of the ‘main character’ or centre of interest.

“One Man Band” TDN

Although we as artists are influenced by other artists, the world around us and our interests, ultimately it is the vision and skill that we posses that leads us to a satisfying end to the whole process.

Coming soon….”Almost The End”…

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  1. April White permalink
    September 23, 2011 3:29 pm

    It’s beautiful. I’m not an artist in paint or photography, but I do enjoy interior design which is an art form all in its own. We have a wine store, would love to see grapes if you every get inspired to paint those. 😉

  2. September 23, 2011 4:53 pm

    Thank you very much April. Glad you like how the painting is coming along. It has developed quite a bit since but I will post that in the final segment of “Building a painting/building a life”.

    I have painted grapes before. If you go to my website at and take a look under gallery…new works…you will see “As I Remember”. These grapes were from Gigondas.

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