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It’s All In A Days Work

July 1, 2011

Most, if not all, of us have jobs where ‘creative’ thinking is mandatory.  Something we do every day.  Something we do without even thinking about it, without a second thought.

I don’t care if one is trying to fit more than enough dishes on the drying tray, calculating how to wire a new home with the least amount of material, choosing the best paint /colour and value for the appropriate mood or discovering how to keep the wood bugs from mowing down your lettuce, all jobs require creative adjustment.

Creative problem solving, creative ideas, are a result of a need. When a need arises, a solution appears.   The best solutions tend to come from those ‘spaces’ between thoughts – as many believe the spaces where pure potential exists.

You know when you are just sitting there, staring into space and something absolutely brilliant ‘jumps’ into your head.  Or, when you are trying to resolve an issue, you take a deep breath to cope with the stress and voila….the solution.  These are those quiet spaces where brilliance lies in wait.

I recently re-read  Deepok Chopra’s book on creative potential.  He says that the more often one can quiet the mind, the more able one is to access this potential.   He says that meditation is a sure fire way to increase ones exposure to possibilities.  I use this method to quiet the mind every day.  I also use painting,  communing with nature, working in my garden, hiking, birdwatching and biking.  Many might use running, climbing, rowing, swimming…most solitary past-times where the mind can remain focused and relieved of clutter will work.  Meditation just happens to be a strong, tried and true approach that can be done any time, any where.

I think that most of us have experienced access to this realm of pure potential/possibilities but maybe not as often as we would like.  To increase your ‘creative’ powers and therefore increase the likely-hood of brilliant solutions, try one of the above.  Be ready for what happens next!!

I view it as capturing that brilliance that lies in wait.

Creative Solution - Vence - France

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  1. July 2, 2011 5:06 pm

    Animals find creative solutions too:

    I just looked out the window and saw Bucky’s creative solution for cooling himself in the 100 degree heat today. (Bucky is a llama.)

    We hung misters from a tree to give our llamas Bucky, Rocky and Vincent Van Gogh (he has a split ear hence the name) some relief from the heat. All three have water droplets on their backs from the misters, but Bucky must have wanted to cool his belly as well because he is standing over the water basin and using one front foot to spalsh the water up onto his belly. Cool llama…

  2. July 2, 2011 5:34 pm

    Do you have a photo of that Sandy?

    • July 2, 2011 11:50 pm

      I wish….by the time I grabbed the camera and bolted out the door he wandered over to a shade tree, scratched his back on a limb and layed down for a nap. Such is the life of a California llama.

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