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What you ‘see’ is what you get.

May 26, 2011

I know, I know….you have heard that one before.  But, it is absolutely true!!  I think that fast-food chains are our best example of this phenomena.  Fast food is systematically killing nations yet we still keep asking for (seeing) that product and it is still being ‘given’ to us, regardless of its consequences.

This fact became a reality for me while moving my dirt.  Yep, when you get ‘down and dirty’ and brought to your knees, some of the best insights arrive on your doorstep.

So there I am moving my dirt….2 yards or so to go, sun shining, continuing to contemplate my ‘personal legend’ when disaster struck.  I moved the ‘wrong’ way and severely injured my back, right in the middle, right around the heart .  I could hardly breathe and all I could think of was ‘how am I going to move the remainder of my dirt?’

Before disaster struck my ‘personal legend’ contemplation had been moving in an interesting direction.  It gets complicated.  My thought process was something like this….hmmm, my personal legend, what if it is not a single event or path that a person is to take to discover the treasure at the end of the rainbow?  What if the legend is your life, in all its ups and downs, in all the directions that it takes, regardless of the outcome?  What if you never find your treasure?  Do people often find their treasures and not even realize it?  Could this have happened to me?  Does a person’s treasure have to be objectified?  Could the process be the treasure in itself?  (a small window into how my mind works, yikes!)    I thought, I’d better be more careful or I am going to injure my back, and it happened.

I have spent almost two weeks in a great deal of discomfort.  At times, it is difficult to breathe.  The pain goes from the middle of my back right around to the front, surrounding my heart (hmmm, wonder what that signifies?).  I have searched through every book I own to find out what the emotional origin of this injury might be and how I might fix it…fast.  Then it hit me.  It is  not at all about the injury but where that injury/event takes you.  This injury has taken me back to what I know is true.  One truth for me is, what I ‘see’ is what I get.  I fear the injury, I get the injury.  Another, the process of healing is all encompassing…practise yoga, take time to breathe, let the anger out once and for all and fill that space with love and compassion, eat well and exercise…  My noble truth is that I think I have found out what my treasure is and as corny as it may sound to most of you, I think it is the whole damn world!!  Every last person, animal, bug, tree and rock.  The reason why I am here is just to be here.  To enjoy all that ‘being here’ has to offer.  And, that is it.

You will all be very happy to know that the day after I hurt myself, two friends showed up to help me with my dirt.  They moved every last grain of it without me even asking.  As someone once said…That’s what I’m talking about.

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