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The Power of A Thought

February 20, 2011


Welcome back to ‘a thought’.

In order to understand the power of a thought I think we need to understand what governs a thought.

I suppose the first thing to consider is that any given thought has an history.  It is governed by reference points.  Positive reference points can lead to positive thoughts and thought patterns, while negative experiences can lead to a  negative thought and negative thought pattern.


It is my belief that an individual’s thought pattern is defined and largely developed by his surroundings and experiences.  This is not to say  that being born into a privileged surrounding, necessarily leads to positive thoughts but it increases the chance for positive thought patterns to be the norm rather than the exception.

Thought patterns seem to have a domino effect. The history of the thinker influences a thought, which then takes on a life of it’s own and in no time at all the thinker is light years away from his/her original thought.  The power inherent in this thought process is dependent upon the power of the history of the thinker and the control that history has over him/her.

Take for instance the statement that I have heard many times….”there is no way I could paint a painting. I can’t even draw a stick man”.  This thought pattern has a history and results in full control over this person(s) being unable to believe that they have what it takes to paint a painting.  The fear of failure could be one bit of history that governs this thought pattern.

The most amazing thing about a thought is that it can be changed.  A person can simply decide that they are going to change a single thought and they are then on their way to disrupting the domino effect.  Easier said than done, you say, but consider this….

The frequency of any given thought, whether it is a positive one or a negative thought, increases the chance or the power that thought has over a being.  Begin to change the frequency of an unwanted thought, replacing that thought with a desired thought and you will begin to experience your life from a new perspective.

'+' or '-

I find it easiest to try to change a thought or two at a time. It can be difficult to look at the whole picture.   If I find my thoughts becoming too fearful….”I can’t figure out where to take this painting.  Nothing seems to be working”, I try to change one thought,  one part of the painting and then move to another.  My thought process shifts and issues tend to get resolved.

Using positive affirmations, as many people do, can increase the likelihood of a positive result.  If nothing else, they focus your intent and ‘jig’ your thought process.

Happy, positive thinking to you all!

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