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The Nature of a Thought

February 13, 2011

Photograph by Dale R. Doan - Honfleur, France

This photograph is just waiting to become a painting!!

Dale was in the perfect place and had the presence of mind to capture this ‘layering’ of thought.  The image shows thought in ‘action’.  To my mind, it is absolutely brilliant and allows the voyeur a small window into the contemplation of the nature of a thought….just what are they thinking?

I found a definition of the word nature that is very applicable to a thought and it reads as follows:  Sum of spiritual and intellectual qualities and propensities which make up the character;  essential features and elements of character;  disposition.  Indeed, a thought has character.

From a purely scientific perspective, a thought is an electrical impulse in the brain that is subsequently ‘burned into the hard drive and stored for later reference.  The science of a thought is an entire thesis unto itself…we will leave that one to the scientists.  My interest lies in the spiritual and intellectual qualities/character of that electrical impulse.

One of the reasons why I have been so tardy with this blog posting is my contemplation of where a thought comes from.  If the origin of a thought is the electrical impulse in our brain and those impulses are a result of  the stimulation of one or more of our five senses (or six if you include our perception of time), then a thought is a result of our existence on this physical plane.  For this reason, there is no escaping sensory stimulation on some level, regardless of capacity and therefore, no escaping an entry onto the hard drive.  It is the quality and character of that entry that can affect outcome.

It is my belief that the ‘character’ of a thought contributes to our state of being.  A thought has an origin, develops and is released.  It’s development is affected by all other entries on the hard drive and is released into an action taken by the thinker.  This action creates another sensory response which leads to another entry, another action….you get the picture.  The quality of a thought fundamentally affects the quality of an action and the eventual outcome…..hmmmmm,  THOUGHTS ARE THINGS !

This muse is by no means a revelation.  It has been considered by great thinkers such as Aristotle and Patanjali and now by us.  It is however, an important consideration for ‘peace’ of mind and the resulting creation of a life.

Thoughts on the Nature of a Thought are most welcomed.

I look forward to the contemplation of –  What Governs a Thought, The Power of a Thought and Is There Original Thought?



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