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February 6, 2011

A Thought - Vence, France

A Thought - Honfleur, France

A thought is  defined as

a process of thinking, reflection,

cognition;  chain of reasoning, series of consecutive  reasonings and reflections; body of ideas and opinions based on consecutive reasonings which are current at a given time about a given subject.

A Thought - Tourette, France

A Thought - Honfleur, France

Solicitude, care as resulting from reflection….

Each of these photographs show a living, breathing being in thought.  Thought is not limited to species, age or gender but is in fact, one of those universal elements gifted to those existing in this physical form.

I was about 10 years old when I first started contemplating the existence of a thought.  I remember wondering where a thought comes from, who creates it in your head and where does it go to after you think it.  It was all very mysterious and full of wonder.

It did not take many years in public school for me to give up my investigation into thought, as we were ‘instructed’ on what thoughts to think and when it was appropriate to think them.  When I entered university and began to realize that my thoughts could be my own, well, did I ever start thinking!  I had unleashed a monster of sorts.  I had so many thoughts, coming at the speed of light,  that I came close to burning myself out on more than one occasion.  My ‘ life’ was saved when meditation found me and although my mind seems much calmer now it is increasingly interested in…..contemplating  ‘thought’.

I have been contemplating ‘thought’ a lot lately.  In the next few blogs I would like to write about this reflection…..What is a thought?  Where does it come from?  What governs our thoughts/patterns?  Is there such a thing as an original thought?  Does our ‘thought’ affect our lives, our stress levels and ultimately our health?

We are now, maybe more than ever, being fed a lot of information ‘guiding’ us on what we should think and why we should think it.  Can these ‘thoughts’, brought on mostly by fear, be affecting our well being?

Stay tuned….it is really going to make us THINK!

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