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Go With The Flow or There Is More Than One Way To Get From Here To There

January 29, 2011

Going With The Flow - photo by DaleIt is truly amazing to me how, what appears at first glance to be very obvious, rather simple, can in fact, hold great complexity and be very profound in it’s true nature.

Take the statement, to go with the flow. I was talking with a very good friend a few days back.  She was relating to me that her mantra for 2011 is “to go with the flow”.  Brilliant I thought!  I immediately conjured up an image of a fallen leaf blowing in the wind, sometimes elevated and twirling, sometimes slamming into the face of a tree or a brick wall.  Ouch!!  OK, lets rethink this…how about a leaf finding it’s way down a flowing river or stream, sometimes twirling, sometimes being caught in snags but eventually making it down stream to it’s destination.  I like that image a whole lot better.

Whatever image serves to set the notion of fluidity, release and non attachment in your mind, is the correct image for you.  Use your mind’s creation every day to help you overcome the following:

1.  Limitation. A person can have the perception that they are limited in either or all of space, time or actions.  If your mind is practicing being in the flow ( and using my leaf floating down the stream image),  space is ever changing, time is fleeting and action is variable.  Limitation is a  finite concept, full of restrictions, trying to fit into fluid reality.

2.  Control. In this case the “control” that I am referring to has no basis in reality.  Control is ultimately an illusion.  One can regulate, restrain and govern all they want but ultimately all is relinquished by the facts…. that change is inevitable and  that sometimes we will lead and sometimes we will follow.  Release the need to control.

3. Attachment to path or outcome. There is more than one way to get from here to there and there are even more endings.  If you look at the photo that I included with this post you will see the multiple paths the water is taking down the slope.  The path it takes today will not be the one it is taking in a month.  If an obstruction forms, say a build up of leaves and silt, it simply finds a new and different way to reach it’s destination….no attachment to the path.

Going with the flow is not a simple task.  We all have goals, desires and expectations which can often hinder our ability to recognize when we should change direction, discover new realities.  Using our visual aid every day should help our path become more fluid with fewer restrictions.  At least I am hoping it will facilitate my path.

The complexity that underlies the rather simple statement “go with the flow” is worth pondering but not long enough to  restrict flexibility.

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