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Make A Wish!!

January 5, 2011
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Well, the first five days of January have nearly passed and I am wondering how many of you are still with the program….the program being, of course, your New Year resolutions.

I don’t actually make resolutions, haven’t for years.  I found them frustrating, stifling and down right stressful.  I have another method that I use to help me centre myself for the new year ahead, one that harks back to when we were kids.  Making a wish.

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Remember seeing the first star of night, closing your eyes as tightly as possible, focusing your thoughts and making your wish?  Calling all of your intention into one, single, thoughtful moment in time.

My trusty dictionary defines a wish as: Joy, to remain, live, to obtain, see, Love, charm.  1.  To desire, crave, want, feel a longing for.   2.  To feel and express a desire that oneself or another should have something, obtain a benefit, be in a specified condition; to invoke upon….

How marvelous is that?  Could any definition be more inviting?  Activating one’s intention in this way can be very powerful.  A New Year resolution activates intention but in a different way.  Most often a resolution is given at the stroke of midnight after a few glasses of wine or beer.  Often these resolutions revolve around what we think we should be doing;  losing weight, doing more exercise, painting more, doing more with our children and do not revolve around what we actually desire.

Desire is something that most human beings, including myself,  shy away from.  We have been taught, from an early age, that desire is a sign of selfishness.  I am changing my approach to desire.  I am beginning to see the value in pursuing that which my heart longs for, closing my eyes, making a wish and stepping off of the cliff.  The journey then becomes…seeing where this takes me.

I was reminded by a friend of the message that the flight attendant gives each and everyone of us on every flight that we ever take to ‘somewhere’ ….Put YOUR mask on first.  You are no good to anyone otherwise.



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  1. Marie permalink
    January 26, 2011 5:20 pm

    I like this, Carolynn. What a wonderful way to start the New Year and in such a more positive way. Children make wishes. So simple yet from the heart. Sometimes growing up we forget these “little” things and how much meaning they really have. Reminds me of Olena’s wishing stars for Dale. They really meant a lot to her.

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