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Are We Bound by Time?

December 31, 2010

“All You Have is Time” Dale R. Doan – closet philosopher

As this year, 2010, draws to a close we are once again reminded of the passage of time.  There is nothing like this holiday season to ignite the realization that this passage is not perceived equally by all of those participating in the ‘game’.  For example, there are those that feel this year’s celebrations have passed too quickly and those that wonder if they will ever end.

As a child in elementary school, I remember riding the last five minutes of time on  the classroom clock.  It truly seemed like an eternity.  It was then, grade two, Mrs Bowerman’s class (she had substantial biceps as I recall) where I came to realize that the passage of time was not at all what it appeared to be.  It was in this classroom that a spark ignited and my interest in my mind’s perception of time began development.

Now, as an adult, I am continually amazed at how quickly those ‘five minutes’, a day, a year can pass.  I enter my studio in the morning, decide I need a tea break and voila, it is 3 pm.  Where does the time go?  It is a wonder.

As my dear husband was a closet philosopher, I suppose it could be said that I too  have closet interests…..interests  in quantum theory or mechanics, at least, with respect to the perception of the passage of time and the fundamentals that affect it.  The research that centres around  non-linear time and parallel “time” experiences is very compelling and supports questioning our mind’s perception of a beginning – middle- end flow of experience.  One does not know where one’s mind must be centred in order to understand the relevance of these concepts but anything that helps us question what we ‘think’ we see and experience is helpful.

As for being bound by time…this is also a wonder.  There are those that constantly use the excuse “I don’t have enough time to …” and then there are those that seem to pack more in a day than one would consider possible….the “all you have is time” crowd.  I would argue that, regardless in which camp you sit, whether or not you make the time to accomplish what you need to is entirely up to you.  Our limitations are not bound by time but bound by what our minds can dream and do.

Note to self:  New Year’s resolution…”I have all the time I need to accomplish……

I wish all of you a peaceful, joyous and prosperous 2011!

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  1. January 1, 2011 2:35 am

    Wonderfully written as always. I just posted my New Year’s Resolution and one is to “Make time to paint, not just paint when I have a chance.” We are on the same wave length.

    During the Holidays I have thought of you, my friend Bonnie, and others who have lost their life partners and think that this must be a very difficult time of the year for you. I hope your boys and friends were around a lot to make things more joyful for you.

    When I think of Dale I remember his boundless energy and enthusiasm as we explored France, and the wonderful way he shared all that he knew about photography, and technology with those of us who were trying to learn. He is missed. Hugs to you, Sandy

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