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‘Tis the Season

December 20, 2010

Let The Merriment Begin - SOLD

I don’t know what the rest of you think but I do believe there has been an upside to the economic downturn. I have noticed not only a change in expectations of people but a change in spending habits as well.  The latter can be difficult for artists trying to make a living from sales of their art but the shift in expectations might be just what the Mother Nature/the planet ordered.

For too many decades now North Americans, in particular, have been over extending themselves in hopes of satisfying their every whim.  Somewhere along the line we sacrificed the ‘needs’ mentality for the ‘wants’.  The habit that we have had of purchasing mounds of items has not only served to clutter our households but our energy fields as well.   The fact that many people are even slightly more conscious of where they spend their hard earned dollars has served to create a shift in expectations. I do not know if I am imagining it but I get the feeling that people seem happier and more excited about this Holiday Season than I have seen them in years.

Take my family for instance.  We decided a few years back that enough was enough, we were going to try to make gifts whenever possible, we were going to curb the dollar value on the gift-giving and spend more time and energy on creating wonderful food, handmade items and sharing it with family and friends.  So far so good.  These small changes have served to bring the excitement back into giving and receiving and reduced the stress levels for everyone in the family.

There is nothing like receiving a gift lovingly made by a persons’  hands and heart.  If consumers get off of the wheel and consciously stop purchasing products made from plastic, by machines that are in factories light-years away, we would all be better off.

For those of you who are not inclined to ‘make’ your gifts, consider supporting a local artist and give a small gift that  will last for years to come.


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