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Omina Labor – We are in it for the game!

October 31, 2010

Omina Labor – “Everything by Work”

My large standing easel has several little post-it notes attached to it.  These notes have been placed there to remind me of what is truly important when it comes to my work.  These little reminders may not be particularly important to anyone else but they are to me.  Most of them are quotes, some are not.  I find that these little reminders help me stay focused on what is at hand.

Omina Labor was the first little ‘insight’ that I placed on my large easel.  It pretty much says it all and frequently reminds me that ‘it’ is all about the work.  The work is all about the challenge, the challenge is all about the muse and the muse is all about the game.  For all of you budding philosophers out there, therefore the work is all about the game!

As artists, if we weren’t intrigued by the ‘game’ we would have chosen a job that was much easier to make a living at, say, a sky diver or an astronaut.  Instead we chose a profession that is all about illusion, story telling, space and time manipulation , with a little commerce mixed in for good measure.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a musician, sculptor, painter or a drama queen, the moment your heart falls to an artistic discipline, the ‘game’ is on.  There is no turning back.

Every day is spent trying to improve technique, reworking the principles.  Hours are spent with the muse.  The more hours put into working the more an artist participates in the work.  The painter, for instance, sees more clearly what needs to be done to create a painting that is full of life and emotion.  The painter is no longer detached from the process because he becomes the process.  He has become his work, he is the game!

So, the next time you step up to your easel, take your guitar in hand or open your computer to write, realize that you are about to continue from where you left off and that what lies ahead is anybody’s  game.

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