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A Greeting on a Frosty Morning

October 27, 2010

Number two in the one-a-day series. 11"x14" - Oil $150.00

Title:  A Greeting on a Frosty Morning

This is the second in the one-a-day series and this is the journal entry for that day.  “This painting was a lot more difficult.  The colours in the horses’ coat were limitless.  How wonderful!

I remember when my husband and I stopped to say ‘hi’ to her and take her picture.  She was so friendly…such calm eyes.  Would have been a good day for a ride!  It was frosty and cold so we didn’t stay long.  Too bad we had no treat for her.

The fog is pretty believable but I don’t know about the shadows.”

Looking at the painting now, these months later, I do believe the shadows worked well.  They help to direct the eye to the centre of interest, this lovely girl.

I believe that it is this painting that truly helped me to understand just how much colour there is in everything we look at.  Brown is never just brown, nor green just green.  Having smaller shapes of colour within the larger shapes being painted helps breathe life into the subject.  It keeps the eye moving and the brain interacting with what is being seen.  Imagine this horse in flat browns, even of different values…..not very interesting.

An artist can learn a lot about themselves by considering their choice of subjects to paint, how they handle the colour choices, where they tend to put the centre of interest.

We tend to have mini ‘series’ happening in which we will paint several days using the same palette, keeping the same subject or theme.  We might have periods when our paintings seem mostly dark or mostly filled with light.  We might go weeks painting from photographs, in our studio and then weeks more outside painting in all kinds of weather.

We are so fortunate to have a job or past time that values the muse, that allows this introspection and allows us to share this with so many others.


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