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Never Underestimate the Chance Exchange

September 21, 2010

The Meeting

It never ceases to amaze me how a chance meeting with a stranger can change the course of ones life.

Within this photo is the image of one such person, one such meeting.

My husband and I were in the south of France on a painting trip when we happened to meet someone who had a message that shifted the paradigm that I was operating from at the time.  I was of the belief that artists struggle to survive, that there are limits to what they can accomplish unless they meet ‘lady luck’ and that their life is more or less a very solitary one if they want to get good at their craft.  My paradigm shift occurred when this fellow artist, unknown to me at the time, said a few simple words.  “Get involved with other artists.  Find artists at your level of expertise or better and critique each others  work.  The benefits of doing this will propel your work forward.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if this fellow artist doesn’t even remember saying this to me but I sure am glad she did.  Since that day, I have joined groups and quit groups.  I have found that I love hanging with other artists…they are interesting, intelligent and resourceful.  Through meeting them I have realized that solitary is the last thing you want to be, that the only limits to your accomplishments are what you put on yourself.  I have also learned that struggling is different than working hard.  As I have said in previous posts, you have to put in the time to get better at what you do.  I wonder how many artists confuse struggle with hard work.

I have a great group of artists that I see on and off now.  We are actually having a studio tour in October which will be a lot of fun.  Our website for the tour is (feel free to check it out) .  We haven’t gotten around to the critiques but maybe that will be part of our future, who knows.

Since this chance meeting I have worked hard, started teaching, become more involved in art in the community and had a lot more fun.

My advice to everyone;  keep your eyes and ears open, as well as your heart.  Never take for granted a single encounter/chance exchange.  And, never stop ‘being out there’ for others as you may just have an important message for them!

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